Terms and Conditions


This Agreement constitutes a legal contract between UPRAXIS UK LTD, referred to herein as the ‘Client(s)’ with registered offices located at 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ. Please carefully review the following terms and conditions before signing this agreement. By signing, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined herein.


1.1 Upon receipt of your instruction, UPRAXIS UK LTD agrees to provide Claims Services in accordance with the terms herein.

1.2 UPRAXIS UK LTD will assist with your claim(s) on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

1.3 You understand that you have the option to approach HMRC directly for any Claims/Rebate/Refund Service at no cost.

1.4 UPRAXIS UK LTD will not process your claim until we receive your instruction.

1.5 The Questionnaire provided is to facilitate UPRAXIS UK LTD in providing HMRC with the necessary information for your claim(s).

1.6 You agree to provide accurate information and acknowledge that UPRAXIS UK LTD is not liable for any incorrect information provided. You take full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

1.7 Once your instructions have been received, UPRAXIS UK LTD has the exclusive right to deal with the claim(s), unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

1.8 You acknowledge that any successful claim(s) will be subject to fees as set out in Clause 2.

1.9 You agree to promptly provide UPRAXIS UK LTD with any requested authority, information, documents, or further requests necessary for processing your claim(s).

1.10 You will promptly inform UPRAXIS UK LTD of any relevant matters affecting the claim(s), such as direct contact from HMRC.

1.11 UPRAXIS UK LTD will make reasonable efforts to obtain compensation for the claim(s) pursued.

1.12 UPRAXIS UK LTD will promptly notify you if we decide not to pursue your claim(s) and cancel this Agreement under Clause 8.

1.13 UPRAXIS UK LTD will promptly notify you of the progress of the claim(s).

1.14 In the event of an unsuccessful claim, UPRAXIS UK LTD will endeavor to inform you.

1.15 You authorize UPRAXIS UK LTD to act on behalf of both you and your partner to claim back a tax refund.

1.16 You authorize UPRAXIS UK LTD to contact HMRC on your behalf to expedite your claim.

1.17 You confirm your consent for 10% of your personal tax-free allowance to be transferred from “Partner 1” to “Partner 2”.

1.18 You confirm your instruction to backdate this allowance from the start of your marriage or civil partnership, limited to 5th April 2015.

1.19 You confirm your wish for UPRAXIS UK LTD to claim this allowance back in a cash refund amount from HMRC on your behalf, with fees deducted from the total refund.

1.20 You confirm that the UPRAXIS UK LTD fee is deducted from each individual payment/cheque received.

1.21 You authorize UPRAXIS UK LTD to request any relevant documentation or information from yourselves or HMRC to enable us to secure your refund.

1.22 You agree that any delay in obtaining information from yourselves or HMRC can result in a delay in UPRAXIS UK LTD securing your refund.

1.23 You agree that any estimation of your total refund provided by UPRAXIS UK LTD is not a guarantee of the amount you will receive and is an estimated figure.

1.24 Any timescales quoted for the completion and successful reclaiming of your refund are estimated timescales. Delays may occur due to processing backlogs.

1.25 It is your responsibility to determine if the transfer of the marriage tax allowance is beneficial before claiming with UPRAXIS UK LTD.

1.26 UPRAXIS UK LTD reserves the right to cancel your claim at any time should you breach our terms and conditions or for any other reason within our discretion.

1.27 You authorize UPRAXIS UK LTD to act on your behalf with HMRC and appoint us as your nominee.

1.28 If you receive any tax benefit from HMRC as a result of your claim, you will be liable for our fees.

1.29 You may remove our authority with HMRC following your claim by informing us and writing directly to HMRC.


2.1 No fees will be charged for unsuccessful claims. For successful claims, UPRAXIS UK LTD will charge a contingency fee representing no more than the greater value of either 36% plus VAT or £25.00 plus VAT at the prevailing rate (currently 20%) in respect of any redress/compensation/goodwill/rebate payment recovered on your behalf.

2.1.1 Where the value of redress/compensation/goodwill/rebate received falls below £25 plus VAT, UPRAXIS UK LTD will limit our fee to the total amount received.

2.1.2 Failure to disclose direct payment from HMRC within a reasonable timescale may result in an administration fee.

2.2 Unpaid fees may result in additional costs for recovery.

2.3 ID Verification checks may be conducted, which could result in a soft search on your credit file.

2.4 Failure to provide proof of ID within 60 days may result in an administration fee equal to the unclaimed amount.

2.5 Fees may apply for re-issuing cheques or dormancy fees for unclaimed payments.


3.1 UPRAXIS UK LTD is not responsible for refunds or rejected claims due to false, incorrect, or misleading information provided by the Client(s).

3.2 UPRAXIS UK LTD does not refund fees if HMRC requests a refund.

3.3 Clients can submit claims directly to HMRC for free but agree to use our services by engaging with us.

3.4 Commissions paid to third parties are included in the fees outlined.


You authorize HMRC to send your refund directly to UPRAXIS UK LTD to deduct the agreed fee and forward the refund to you.


UPRAXIS UK LTD is registered as an Agent with HMRC and complies with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.


If you have a complaint, please write to: Complaints Department: UPRAXIS UK LTD, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester M1 2JQ.


This agreement is effective from the date of your instruction to UPRAXIS UK LTD. By giving your instruction, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions until termination or conclusion of your claim.


8.1 You have 14 days to cancel the agreement without charge after providing instructions to UPRAXIS UK LTD. After this period, fees may apply upon termination.

8.2 Successful claims will incur fees even if terminated following success.

8.3 UPRAXIS UK LTD may terminate if unable to obtain clear instructions or misled by the client.